Dark Web Facts: Harsh Reality That Will Take Your Breath Away

The dark web has been indicated to be nasty, ruthless, awful, and much more. The name itself scares off people. How aware are you of the incidents and activities taking place on the darknet? The dark web facts that we will discuss in the latter part of the article are sure to move the ground beneath your feet.

The dark web and the deep web have been made available to the public using special software called The Onion Router, commonly known as TOR. The software is capable of making an individual’s online presence completely anonymous (given you are not disclosing your secrets all by yourself, knowingly!). This particular feature has made the dark web a different sphere of the regular internet, facilitating a myriad of nefarious activities.

However, a common fact to be kept in mind is that things that are available on the dark web or the deep web are also widely available on the clear web or in the offline modes. But, the anonymity that the dark web, along with Tor, provides is what makes it easier for cybercriminals to conduct suspicious activity with much ease. People bypass government censorship to discuss significant issues that include political, racial, and socio-economic aspects.

With this, it becomes of utmost essential to let you know that the dark web is not at all safe. You could get hacked, and people might trace your location using your IP address if you are not careful with your steps. If you want to get into the dark zone, you can check out how to access the dark web safely. Additionally, you must invest in a premium VPN to stay anonymous when surfing the darknet.

✦ Deep Web Covers Majority Of The Internet

The dark web is a unique segment of the deep web, also termed “hidden web”. This segment includes all the websites that you will not be able to access via regular search engines and browsers. Most of the goods and services you can spot on the dark web are also available on the clearnet. The dark web is, however, different due to the constant anonymity it offers. This gives the other entities a hard time discovering their real identity, hence fueling various sorts of illicit trades and activities.

✦ The Dark Web Is The Criminal Activity Hub

Since the dark web is virtually untraceable, it serves as the hotbed for the rise and growth of criminal activities. Essentially, the dark web presents the black market for the people who look for it. Several dark web websites can even trade your personal information if they get access to that. Thus, you would need to know the ways in which you can thwart these cybercriminals that are lurking on the dark web to gather information from newbies who do not maintain proper security to keep them safe.

✦ Darknet Enables Purchase Of Illegal Weapons

Ideally, and unfortunately, it is legal to get a gun for yourself in person. However, it is a lot easier to buy from the dark web. You cannot definitely rely on the dark web to conduct background checks for you. Additionally, automatic weapons are not the only lethal weapons for sale on the dark web. This creates a sense of insecurity for most people on the darknet who wish to purchase a weapon of this zone.

✦ Darknet Facilitates Identity Compromisation

As already stated that hackers can hack your personal details off the darknet. It is also a fact that these hackers and cybercriminals also cause important data breaches of various companies, banks, and financial institutions. This lets them get their hands on the different personally identifiable information (PII) through massive databases. What do they do with it? They either sell the details in clusters on various dark websites and hacker forums or use them in other nefarious activities. They might use your bank details or gift cards to buy something expensive and sell the items at a higher price on the dark web to cash out your account or gift cards’ funds.

✦ Hitmen Services Are Openly Offered

Someone who wants to hire a hitman in person can do so whenever they want in some way or the other. But that will never ensure that their identity will be anonymous, which otherwise is the case with the dark web. With the support of the darknet, the work becomes even more convenient. The darknet makes it possible to opt for hitman-for-hire for committing murder, fraud, and other virtual crimes imaginable.

✦ Dark Web Forums Discuss Various Aspects Of Cannibalism

We have already informed you that we will present you with some intimidating, dark web facts that will definitely scare you. This is one of the best of all! You have already got an insight that if you think of a thing to have, you can definitely have it from the dark web, even if it is a service. However, there are some retards that may be deep into cannibalism and hence offer various tips on “how best to cook women.” Various cannibal forums also openly discuss their feelings on consuming human flesh and how desperately they want. Nasty!

✦ Counterfeit Documents Are Made Available For Purchase

The dark web facilitates the trade of counterfeit or fake details such as birth certificates, passports, and Social Security cards. This enables one to pass as a US citizen from another country. It has already been stated that the offline mode also gets these people what they want but without anonymity. Thus, the darknet is the only way to get it without having to disclose your true identity.

✦ Sex Offenders Takes Shelter In The Darknet

Child pornographers and sexual offenders can quickly get what they want off the deep web or the surface web. But in doing so, they might get caught. The dark web is the hub of porn sites that often features child pornography (CP) and other torture videos. Some of them are sometimes live recorded, best known by the term red room. It is quite unfortunate that people use the dark web to find a way to quench their thirst for abusive tendencies and sickness.

✦ Criminal Activities Flourish With Bitcoin

Apart from the fact that the dark web is genuinely anonymous, it is another one. This is the use of Bitcoin (BTC), a popular cryptocurrency or digital currency that cannot be traced. This facilitates the cybercriminals to conduct illegal activities without being traced.

✦ The U.S. Government Runs The Dark Zone

Well, not exactly how you might be thinking. The software program that has made the dark web come amongst the mass and cybercriminals grow immensely had been curated by the U.S. government. Tor is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

Thus, these are all the dark web facts that we have been talking about. There are more we believe and are solely based on an in-depth exploration of the dark web and the deep web.

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